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Wicked The Musical is the Broadway show that has a bit different angle in terms of the events involved in the Land of Oz. Long before Dorothy’s arrival, there is a young, fiery, smart and misunderstood women with emerald-green skin who has an amazing talent. When she and a bubbly blonde meet, their initial rivalry is transformed into their friendship, until other people decide to call one of them good, while the other one is wicked for them.

The New York Times called Wicked a defining musical of this decade that can transform Broadway into a truly magical play because of its courage, heart and brain. Basically, it’s an untold true story related to witches of Oz, and all viewers are guaranteed to like its wild inventiveness because it sends their spirits soaring to the heights that will never be forgotten. There are certain questions that should be answered about this famous Broadway show.


Wicked The Musical Broadway Show Questions and Answers

What is its running time?

This musical lasts for 2 and a half hours, plus its 15-minute intermission.

Where is it performed? How can the audience get there?

Wicked is a show performed at the Gershwin Theatre, which is easy to access. It’s simple to view the map to be guided in the right direction.

How long will it be running? How far out are its tickets on sale?

Wicked is the open-ended Broadway show, and its tickets will be on sale through March 2017, while the group ones are on sale through March 12 of the same year.

Is it wise to buy Wicked tickets in advance?

Tickets go on sale about six months before the performance of this show, so consumers can get the best prices if they buy them in advance. The main reason is that as performance date approaches, the availability of free tickets tightens and prices will go up, so guests should plan everything ahead if it’s possible. They are encouraged to buy tickets in advance to get the best seating locations, but they will remain on sale until the performance date according to their availability.

Will  Wicked tickets be available on the performance date?

Their premium type will be available on the performance date, and others may be available too, but there are no guarantees. For those guests who want to wait until that day, their best bet is to check the box office to get the best prices on those tickets that will still be available.

What are premium seats all about?

They are the best seats that generally include the first 20 rows center orchestra, off the center aisles on both sides and the first 2 rows off the front mezzanine. However, they are the most expensive seats because orchestra premiums provide visitors with the best views of production details and faces. When it comes to the front row mezzanine seats, they offer the best view of the whole Wicked show.

What are stadium seats?

They are located in the back half of the theater orchestra, and their prices start from $99 on all weeknights. These seats offer great sightlines because of their rake, so that they are ideal for families with kids. There are many people who claim that stadium seats are the best Wicked deal.

What is the difference between mezzanine and orchestra levels in the theater?

Orchestra seats can be found on its lower level, while the front mezzanine ones are on its upper level, and they offer a better view of the whole performance in terms of such spectacular shows as Wicked. They are equipped with low safety bars in their front, and this means that front rows may not be perfect for children or short patrons. As their name suggests, middle mezzanine seats are in the center of the theater upper level, and they also offer a good view of the whole show, but their number is limited, so they sell out very fast. Rear mezzanine seats are in the back of the theater upper level, and they are also available in a limited number, so that they are sold out quickly. They offer a perfect view of the whole performance, but they are not the most affordable choice for some people. Lower prices are usually on non-holiday weeks and weekday performances on all ticket types.

What are premium seats?

They are the best tickets on the first 20 rows center orchestra, first 2 rows of the front mezzanine and just off center aisles on both sides. However, Wicked Tickets prices are the most expensive because orchestra premiums offer the best view on all stage details and faces, while front row mezzanine seats offer the best view of the whole show. Even if the whole show is sold out, visitors can still find available premium seats even on the performance date. 

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